China Central Television. TV News on CCTV

China Central Television (CCTV) is the national TV station of the People’s Republic of China and it is one of China’s most important news broadcast companies. Today, CCTV has become one of China’s most influential media outlets. In addition to its TV programs, CCTV has also built up a multi-media broadcasting platform and business operation, which includes movies, newspapers and the internet. CCTV is the main news source for the Chinese people. It is also an important window for Chinese to learn about the outside world, and for the world to find out more about China. CCTV is making efforts to become a global media network with increased international influence.


CCTV currently has 21 public channels and 19 Pay TV channels in operation, covering almost every aspect of the Chinese social life. Currently CCTV is running 6 International Channels in 6 different languages, which include Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. CCTV has also started business in the new media platforms such as Internet TV, Mobile TV, Bus Mobile TV and IP TV.