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"FREE TV Everywhere. MyBIGTV.COM by AdVideoTISE was created to offer FREE TV and Premium Video Channels to you via the Internet. Any Device, Anytime. We Ad Video To Internet SELL Everything" MyBIGTV.COM by AdVideoTISE is Google Cast™ Ready. Google Cast Ready are trademarks of Google Inc.

Definition of AdVideoTISE

1 - To make your brand, product, service, or cause known to the, world by use of video ads online.

2 - To call consumers attention to your new service using a video ad online.

3 - To use video ads showing features of your product to stimulate sales.

Examples of AdVideoTISE

1 - The restaurant AdVideoTISED its new menu with a video on YouTube.

2 - If you want to grow your small business, it pays to AdVideoTISE online.

3 - Business increased 20% after our AdVideoTISING campaign online.

Origin of AdVideoTISE - Created By: AdVideoTISE. First Known Use: World Wide Web

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